The Ouverture and air 'Cesse, cruel Amour' from the dress rehearsal of Dardanus, with Galina Averina as Iphise
Jonathan and the OAE performing Rameau's Zaïs at the QEH. Act II, sc. IV (an example of Ballet figuré, where mimed action continues the narrative)
Nicola Lefanu's St Hilda of Whitby: A Cantata - the world premiere performed by Jonathan and the Choir and Orchestra of St Hilda's College, Oxford
The project video for Les fêtes d'Hébé, with Jonathan conducting at the Opéra de Bastille, Paris
Does anyone know what Dardanus is all about...!? 🙂

Rameau's Anacréon (1754)
Scene v: 'Regnez!', Airs vifs & 'Des caprices du sort'

Jonathan and the OAE, with Matthew Brook as Anacréon

Recorded by Signum Classics
"A landmark recording" (Nick Kenyon)

Anna Dennis (Chloé) & Matthew Brook (Anacréon)

Rameau's Anacréon (1754)
Scene vi: 'Quand l'Amour'

Jonathan and the OAE,
with Anna Dennis as Chloé

Recorded by Signum Classics

Recording the Horizon Zero Dawn soundtrack

Horizon Zero Dawn ('Noon')

One of four GANG award-winning choral compositions written by Jonathan for the BAFTA-nominated NOVELLO-winning soundtrack for SONY's Horizon Zero Dawn
Jonathan Williams conducting the KillZone 2 soundtrack at Abbey Road Studios

KillZone 2
('Resistance on the bridge')

Jonathan at Abbey Road Studios conducting the NOVELLO award-winning soundtrack for SONY's KillZone 2

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